Tori Nichols

Success Story

Tori Nichols is a single mom, works a full-time retail job and is working on her associate’s degree to someday fulfill her dream of working in crime scene investigation.

Tori graduated from Troy Buchanan High School in May 2009 and delayed going to college in the fall to have her daughter. The following spring, Tori took her first semester of classes at SCC.

“I couldn’t afford a four-year college and SCC was closer and more convenient,” Tori said. “SCC's flexibility made it easier for me to work around my job and take care of my daughter.”

SCC serves as a stepping stone toward Tori’s future in criminal justice. Her strong interest in crime scene investigation was fueled by the popular CSI television shows.  A family friend who is a sheriff also shared some of her experiences about the job.

“Crime scene investigation sounds like a lot of fun and a good career for me to pursue,” Tori said. “I think I’m attracted to the big adrenaline rush you get from having a job like that. My dream is to be an investigator just like those on the CSI TV shows.”

Tori said she was a little nervous when she first started at SCC, and she didn’t know where anything was. “SCC has been really welcoming,” she said. “The staff at SCC has gone out of their way to help me.”

She expects to graduate from SCC with her associate’s degree in criminal justice by spring 2013, and then transfer to Lindenwood University to earn her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

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