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College Mission

SCC serves our community by focusing on academic excellence, student success, workforce advancement, and life-long learning within a global society. We celebrate diversity and we enrich the economic and cultural vitality of the region by providing an accessible, comprehensive, and supportive environment for teaching and learning.


Our passion for student success is reflected in an array of innovative academic, career/technical, workforce development, and community programs. Our partnerships and cultural opportunities enrich and transform our community.

Values and How We Demonstrate Them

The following describe our values and exemplify how we demonstrate these values to foster a positive learning and work atmosphere.

Communication, Trust, and Respect: We value mutual trust and respect and encourage open communication within the college community.

  • We keep confidential information confidential.
  • We trust others and keep our commitments to each other.
  • We listen to and respect one another's different viewpoints.
  • We expect the best in others and communicate in positive ways.
  • We thank people for helping us.
  • We apologize to others when appropriate.
  • We share good news and bad news with others, working to solve problems.
  • We express appreciation for the contribution that employees make to the College.

Commitment to Student Success: We are committed to providing the finest instruction, resources, and support services to enhance the growth and development of our students.

  • We recognize serving students as our primary purpose.
  • We provide excellent educational opportunities and services for our students.
  • We value a diverse campus population which enriches the educational experience.
  • We treat students fairly and respectfully.
  • We model to students behaviors that reflect these values.

Learning for Life: We recognize learning as a continuous process.

  • We respond to the educational needs of our community.
  • We solicit constructive ideas from one another and use them to help us to improve.
  • We seek professional development opportunities that help us improve and grow.
  • We provide educational opportunities that inspire and encourage a love of learning.

Collaborative and Democratic Decision Making: We value informed decisions made by people closest to the issue.

  • We work to make decisions by consensus.
  • We seek input and involvement from others on decisions that affect them.
  • We encourage the expression of different viewpoints when making decisions.
  • We communicate decisions to all affected parties.

Innovation and Excellence: We encourage the highest quality of instruction within the classroom and service throughout the campus community.

  • We try new approaches to enhance teaching, student learning and operations.
  • We evaluate new technologies and incorporate them when appropriate.
  • We accept responsibility for creating significant, meaningful student learning experiences.
  • We take pride in and ownership of our work.
  • We value individual and collective achievement.

Cooperation: We value teamwork.

  • We resolve differences by doing what is best for our students and the College.
  • We use our abilities and knowledge to help one another succeed, asking for help when needed.
  • We respect and value diversity, recognizing that every person plays an important role at the College.

Service: We value service to students, the community, and one another.

  • We identify diverse student needs and seek out ways to fulfill them.
  • We model courteous, professional behavior.
  • We offer suggestions and assistance to others.
  • We accept our fair share of College service responsibilities.
  • We are attentive and responsive to the needs of campus visitors.

Responsible Stewardship: We prudently protect and manage the resources entrusted to us.

  • We manage college resources to maintain affordability and accessibility.
  • We value our strategic plan and use it as a guide to drive actions, investments and budgetary decisions.
  • We consider the impact to institutional resources when making decisions.
  • We strive to protect the natural environment and promote sustainability.


  • Promote diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Improve the student experience and enhance the learning environment

  • Enhance and expand technical and STEAM programs

  • Promote employee development, empowerment, and innovation

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