Success Stories

Our students, alumni, faculty & staff rock. Am I right?

Image of Abby Jackson

Abby Jackson

"I was raised around educators and knew from an early age I had a passion for helping others."

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Image of Ahad Hosseini

Ahad Hosseini

"The quality of education at the majority of my classes at SCC were far above MU ..."

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Image of Amanda Combrevis

Amanda Combrevis

"I loved the atmosphere at SCC so much, and the ADN program was just right for me."

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Image of Amanda Shipley

Amanda Shipley

"I feel like every time I go forward I solidify one plan, and then at the next step I think about what I want to do next. SCC was that necessary first step on my educational path."

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Image of Annette Baker

Annette Baker

"SCC made me confident in myself. I noticed that I was successful in my classes, and with each class I took, my confidence grew."

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Image of Becky Bozarth

Becky Bozarth

"I was so grateful not to have a time limit for earning my degree. It took me a while, but I got my degree, and I believe I'm a better person for earning it."

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Image of Becky Copeland

Becky Copeland

"I recommend the paraprofessional program to anyone who is wanting to work with students of all abilities."

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Image of Ben Spaunhorst

Ben Spaunhorst

"I had teachers who were working in the industry during the day," Ben said. "I knew they were teaching real stuff, stuff that mattered."

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Image of Bernard J. Feldman

Bernard J. Feldman

"SCC has a high quality pre-engineering program at an inexpensive price."

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Image of Billie Reise

Billie Reise

"I plan on recruiting more runners to join us next year because it's one of the best organized races we've participated in."

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Image of Bob Blattel

Bob Blattel

"It's been exciting growing with the college throughout the years."

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Image of Brenda Kearns

Brenda Kearns

"I knew I had discovered both the program and the direction in which I wanted to go."

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Image of Brian Kovarik

Brian Kovarik

"I got a little taste of everything at SCC."

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Image of Chris Keppler

Chris Keppler

"I had a great time with SCC's roller hockey team; we made a lot of memories together. It was everything I thought it would be."

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Image of Chris Ryan

Chris Ryan

"I value doing things that are meaningful ... I truly believe in the pursuit of passion."

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Image of Danielle Hoffman

Danielle Hoffman

“The best part of my job is interacting with students." 

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Image of David Kruggel

David Kruggel

"Education opens the door to future possibilities. It helps you get and keep a job."

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Image of Debbie Knowlton

Debbie Knowlton

"That '80s Run is a fun competition and it's close to home."

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Image of Doug Visconti

Doug Visconti

“All of the teachers are people who work in the industry and have great real-world knowledge."

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Image of Etedal Kaid

Etedal Kaid

"Whether you go to an Ivy League school or a community college, you choose how to make the most of your experience there."

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Image of Gia Jurczyk

Gia Jurczyk

"Because I made the decision to get my GED, I was able to turn my dreams into goals, and now, I am turning those goals into reality."

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Image of Greg Munteanu

Greg Munteanu

"It's important to go to school. I found that if you're engaged, you're going to realize your goals."

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Image of Heather Guelbert

Heather Guelbert

"I really liked the personal attention I got at SCC. All of my teachers knew me."

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Image of Irfanela Selmanovic

Irfanela Selmanovic

"I love this place. It's convenient and there are so many opportunities."

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Image of James Carroll

James Carroll

"Education is the key to gaining the skills that companies are looking for no matter your age."

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Image of James Wieczorek

James Wieczorek

"I decided SCC would be a perfect choice to begin my educational journey."

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Image of Jamie Koenig

Jamie Koenig

"I strongly recommend the A+ Program to students."

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Image of Jarrett Wilson

Jarrett Wilson

"I chose SCC because of the price. I paid for my own college education, so that was a big deal to me."

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Image of Jennifer Burns

Jennifer Burns

"It's a medium-sized race, not too small or too big, so you have a good chance of running a personal record time."

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Image of Jeph Jones

Jeph Jones

“The faculty and staff here at SCC made the transition for me very easy.”

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Image of Jessica Votava

Jessica Votava

“There are so many great resources available to students..."

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Image of Joe Bizelli

Joe Bizelli

"If it weren't for my academic counselor, there's no way I would have graduated."

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Image of Joe Grate

Joe Grate

"All of the teachers I had were passionate, enthused and entertaining."

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Image of John Ayres

John Ayres

“I came to SCC to get my general education courses out of the way.”

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Image of Josh York

Josh York

"I don't know where I would be today if it hadn't been for SCC, but I do know I ended up in a much better place because of the education I received there."

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Image of Keesha Burk

Keesha Burk

"Gaining an education made me more confident. I have a better understanding of why we do things, rather than just how to do them."

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Image of Kelly Russell

Kelly Russell

"SCC has prepared me for my future career as a nurse practitioner."

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Image of Kimberly Davis

Kimberly Davis

"SCC gives its students an ability to make new likeminded friends."

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Image of Kristi Clarke

Kristi Clarke

"I knew if I was going to even consider college it would have to be close to home and affordable, since I would be paying for it on my own."

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Image of Kurt Woodfin

Kurt Woodfin

"It’s crazy how my life jumpstarted because SCC!"

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Image of Laura Helling

Laura Helling

"I gained a set of skills at SCC that prepared me for success."

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Image of Lingru Kong

Lingru Kong

"SCC really does better prepare you for the future"

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Image of Liz Brusca

Liz Brusca

"I now have the skills and tools I need to take care of my children and myself without worry or concern for our future."

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Image of Lyndee Rodamaker

Lyndee Rodamaker

“People have a stigma about community colleges that is not true at all.”

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Image of Makayla Hann

Makayla Hann

“The scholarship gave me the opportunity to explore my options ..." 

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Image of Malee Alway

Malee Alway

David Niermann said, "Her dedication, high work ethic and thoroughness greatly exceed the typical student performance in our program."

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Image of Marc Haynes

Marc Haynes

"I went from a job in an unsecure industry to a career in an industry that has numerous possibilities."

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Image of Maria Pizzo

Maria Pizzo

"There are so many resources on campus and every single one of them is designed to help students succeed."

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Image of Martha Zaleuke

Martha Zaleuke

"I had a great experience as a student and during clinicals. When I started my first nursing job, I knew I was prepared."

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Image of Mary Ann Sadler

Mary Ann Sadler

"Taking classes and workshops keeps me relevant for my students."

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Image of Michelle Hess

Michelle Hess

"Getting into the nursing program was a dream come true."

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Image of Mike Fanger

Mike Fanger

"SCC is a great decision for students economically. You can go to school and work."

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Image of Nikki Engelbrecht

Nikki Engelbrecht

"No matter what your personal obstacles are, SCC will help you reach your goals."

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Image of Patsy Zettler

Patsy Zettler

"During my time at SCC I was working and had four kids. I really enjoyed school, because it was something I was doing for myself. I took pride in that."

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Image of Rachael Boll

Rachael Boll

"Coming to SCC was the best decision I've ever made, and I am thrilled to be back."

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Image of Rebecca Hatton

Rebecca Hatton

"I like that I help give students the knowledge they’ll need to succeed in their career.”

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Image of Rex McKanry

Rex McKanry

"Teaching gives me the joy of sharing my passion for learning and technology with others."

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Image of Rick Crockett

Rick Crockett

"I like helping new people get started."

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Image of Rob Dixon

Rob Dixon

"My passion for community colleges all started at SCC."

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Image of Sarah Myers

Sarah Myers

"I have transformed into a woman with much more confidence ..."

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Image of Shannon Hood

Shannon Hood

"I felt I got a high-quality education from faculty who really cared about me and my success."

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Image of Stefanie Clynes

Stefanie Clynes

"I knew exactly what I wanted to do when I left SCC."

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Image of Taylor Rector

Taylor Rector

"My instructors wanted to get to know their students on a personal level."

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Image of Ted Davis

Ted Davis

“SCC classes helped build the foundation of understanding I needed."

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Image of Teresa Carnahan

Teresa Carnahan

"Coming to St. Charles Community College has been an extremely rewarding experience. SCC has empowered me and given me more confidence."

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Image of Tiffany Ramirez

Tiffany Ramirez

"I don't want to leave this campus. If I could stay at SCC to get my bachelor's and master's degrees, I would."

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Image of Tyler Pickett

Tyler Pickett

"In every situation I face, I like seeing the positive, not the negative, the good things, not the bad things."

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Image of Tyler Potter

Tyler Potter

"SCC has great engineering and math clubs, so I was able to make friends outside of the classroom who shared similar interests as me."

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Image of Zsantee Tapley

Zsantee Tapley

"In the past, I had to teach myself how to do my job. Now that I have an education, there is more certainty in what I'm doing. I worked really hard for this, and I deserve it."

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Image of Zyra De Los Reyes

Zyra De Los Reyes

"The education I acquired from SCC has made my academic foundation strong."

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