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Careers in Sociology

The aim of the sociology major is to prepare students either for employment or for graduate study within the discipline or for study in professions that are related to the discipline. Most sociologists are employed within an academic setting where they can teach and do research within their areas of interest.The second place where most sociology majors find employment is within government or private corporate settings where research is needed. But sociology also prepares students for occupations which are not directly related to teaching or research.

Some positions which might employ an individual holding a sociology degree are:

  • advertising executive,
  • lawyer,
  •  urban planner,
  • probation officer,
  • minister,
  • journalist,
  • market research analyst
  • or guidance counselor.

Each of these occupations employs the skills obtained by an individual majoring in sociology. These include the ability to think logically and critically about social processes and to communicate well.

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