The Political Dr. Seuss

General Education Capstone Course

Event Details and Guideline Form

Event experience Title: The Political Dr. Seuss

Gen. Ed. Category Event should be listed under: Humanities

SCC Competencies addressed by event:

HUM: Evaluate the historical, cultural, and social contents of philosophy, literature or language.

HUM: Articulate an informed response to popular or classical works in the humanities.

Guidelines for accomplishment of event

  • Watch the documentary The Political Dr. Seuss  (84 minutes).  This film is on reserve at the SCC Library Circulation Desk.  Be sure to write down citation information before you return the film.
  • Pick 2 Dr. Seuss books that contain political references. 

Suggested Stories:

Horton Hears a Who
The Sneetches
The Cat in the Hat
The Lorax
The Butter Battle Book
Yertle the Turtle

  • After viewing the film and reading the books, analyze the 2 books for their political commentaries.
  • Please do the following for the essay:

Begin your essay with a short introduction to the life and work of Dr. Seuss.  Explain his history with political cartoons.

Thoroughly analyze the 2 books for political content.  (This should be the largest part of your essay.) Some questions to consider as you analyze:

  • In what ways do the books comment on World War II? 
  • Who or what do the people, places, and actions symbolize? 
  • Why did Dr. Seuss write these stories?  In other words, what was he trying to teach his readers about war, politics, power, corruption, cultural sensitivity (etc.)? 

End your essay with some concluding thoughts about the purpose of Dr. Seuss’s work and the contributions he made to our understanding of World War II.

  • Your finished essay should be a minimum of four pages, doubled spaced.
  • You must cite the film and books on a Works Cited sheet.  Additionally, if you use outside sources, you must cite those as well.  Please see a handbook or the citation guides at the SCC library.

Contact information available on the SCC Sophomore Portfolio (Capstone) website.

SCC Event Creator: Heather Rodgers


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