Read Brian Turner's Here Bullet

General Education Capstone Course

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Read Brian Turner's book of poetry called Here Bullet. (The text can be found on reserve at the Paul and Helen Schnare Library at SCC or through the library's MOBIUS system.)

Listen to two podcast interviews with the author found on the following page (Click on "On Fresh Air from WHY" and "On Morning Edition."):

In a minimum 4-page paper, respond to the following prompts and questions:

  1. Briefly explain the content of the book. What subjects does Turner address?
  2. What is Turner's attitude toward war, based on what you read in the book and learned from the interview? Cite specific examples that support his position.
  3. Pick two poems from the book and analyze them for content. Focus on Turner's use of symbolic language and themes. See the following website if you need help with poetic terms:
    This video might help you, as well:
  4. Make a connection to the real world of a soldiers’ experience in war in the 21st century by either interviewing a soldier that you know or by reading an article where the soldier discusses the process of reintegration back into society after completing service. Works cited page required.