Hands on keyboardA thank-you letter should be sent out within three days after you have had a phone interview or an in-person interview.

This not only shows that you are polite, but it demonstrates a continued interest on your part and keeps your name and credentials in the mind of your potential employer.

The letter gives you the opportunity to state, once again, a summary of your qualifications, why you are interested in this position and why you should be the candidate hired.

It is very important to address the letter directly to the person who interviewed you, so make sure you ask for his or her card at the end of the interview.  That way, you will have their name, title, and mailing address.

Thank You Letter Format

Your Name
Your Street Address (use the same heading style as your resume)
City, State, Zip Code

Current Date


Interviewer’s Name
Organization’s Name
Address City, State, Zip Code

Dear: (The person from above)

The opening paragraph thanks the interviewer for his/her time and reminds him of the interview. Mention that you enjoyed meeting with him/her and the date.

In the second paragraph, re-emphasize one or two of your strengths that are relevant to the job. State any information you may have forgotten to mention during the interview and address any issues that you feel need further clarification.

Close the letter by restating your interest in the job position. This lets the interviewer know that you are genuinely interested in the position. Indicate that you hope to hear from him/her soon.


Your handwritten signature  (will not apply to e-mailed letters)

Your typed signature