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General Transfer

Associate of Arts (AA)  

The AA is awarded to students completing the requirements of the academic transfer program with a minimum of 64 semester hours including general education core requirements. It generally parallels the first two years of a Bachelor of Arts degree at a four-year institution. At SCC the CORE 42 (General Education) transfer curriculum applies only to the Associate of Arts degree.

Courses within the CORE42 are assigned a MOTR number (Missouri Transfer) and will be designated by this logo: Core 42 logo

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Areas of Focus

Business Administration
Criminal Justice

Do you see yourself with an MBA? Hoping to start your own business? Our program will give you a foundation in marketing, accounting, and management, with ways to customize your course schedule to match your interests. 

Suggested Course Sequence - Business Administration Focus

We prepare students for careers in media-based fields, from journalism to marketing and social media. You’ll study video production, hone your public speaking and writing skills, and learn strategies for persuasion and debate. 

Suggested Course Sequence - Communications Focus

Interested in a career in forensics or law enforcement? Our program will teach you the latest techniques in investigation, evidence collection, crime prevention, crowd control, and public relations while emphasizing ethics and professionalism.

Suggested Course Sequence - Criminal Justice Focus


Studying the production and distribution of goods and services, students will explore economic trends through quantitative and qualitative methods. You’ll develop skills in data analysis, business development, and strategic thinking essential to careers in finance, marketing, and public policy.

Suggested Course Sequence - Economics Focus 

Literature and language lovers will develop advanced writing, analytical, and critical thinking skills. Our curriculum focuses on British and American works, but it also encompasses literature and mythology from around the world, as well as courses in creative and technical writing.

Suggested Course Sequence - English Focus

Be immersed in French culture and language, from pivotal works of literature to cinematic breakthroughs. You’ll also study French history and civilization, examining the culture of present-day France and Quebec.

Suggested Course Sequence - French Focus


Geographers study how people use space and resources, analyzing the connections between human activity and natural systems. If you are interested in urban planning, water and land management, or combatting climate change, geography will give you a solid foundation for those pursuits.

Suggested Course Sequence - Geography Focus

Students of history learn by inquiry. Examining events from ancient to contemporary times, you’ll critically engage with accounts of past events, learning to analyze what has happened—and what might have happened—in the lives of people around the globe. 

Suggested Course Sequence - History Focus

Students hone their skills in quantitative and analytical reasoning, logic, and problem-solving to prepare for careers in accounting, engineering, and more. Choose from a wide range of courses, from applied mathematics to calculus, statistics, and theoretical mathematics.

Suggested Course Sequence - Mathematics Focus

Political Science

Students of philosophy use reason and argument to grapple with moral, ethical, and ontological questions, from why we are here to where we should be going. You’ll develop the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for careers in law, medicine, politics, and academia.

Suggested Course Sequence - Philosophy Focus

Study the fundamental dynamics that shape our universe, from the smallest particles to the most powerful forces. Whether you’re drawn to emerging careers in robotics, AI, astrophysics, or biophysics, we’ll give you the foundation you need to understand how things work and why.  

Suggested Course Sequence - Physics Focus

Are you curious about how governments behave? Interested in how issues of concern to citizens become law? Learn how public policies are shaped as you develop the communication and analytical skills to unpack complex data and human motivations.

Suggested Course Sequence - Political Science Focus

Social Work

Pursue one of the most dynamic and in-demand fields of research. You’ll study a broad range of topics, from learning theory and lifespan development to personality disorders and abnormal behavior. Students in this program will have a foundation for diverse careers, from medicine to marketing.

Suggested Course Sequence - Psychology Focus

Are you interested in tackling challenging social conditions, like poverty, public health, and discrimination? By building knowledge around issues of social justice, students will develop empathetic approaches to advocating for individuals in crisis and fueling systemic change. 


Learn about the social issues, structures, and policies that govern human civilization. Students will explore topics related to social justice, equity, and criminology, and be on the path to careers in academia, the government and non-profit sector, and even marketing and media.

Suggested Course Sequence - Sociology Focus


Our dynamic curriculum immerses students in Spanish language, civilization, and literature. You’ll study the history, geography, and cultures of the diverse peoples of the Iberian Peninsula as well as Latin America.

Suggested Course Sequence - Spanish Focus