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Copyright Infringement

The college is required by federal law to designate an "Agent to Receive Notification of Claimed Copyright Infringement."  The college's designated agent is:

Nick Hogan
Website Coordinator
St. Charles Community College
4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive
Cottleville, MO  63376

Email: nhogan@stchas.edu
Phone:  636-922-8306 
Fax:  636-922-8279

If you believe that any faculty, staff, student or other user at the college has infringed on your rights as a copyright owner, please contact the agent with the following information.

  • Your full name, mailing address, email address, phone and fax numbers.
  • Information about your copyrighted material (video image, URL, audio clip, etc.).
  • The URL of the SCC site that has the infringing material.
  • Any other information that offers support to your claim.


Nick Hogan
Website Coordinator