Posters on Easels

Approval Process:

  • College employees or students wishing to place an easel (with poster) in one of the approved locations listed below should first get approval as described in Guidelines for Posting Materials on Campus.
  • Posters created by students for placement on easels must be submitted to the Student Activities Coordinator (College Center, Room 102) one week before the display date.
  • Posters on easels may remain up for a maximum of 14 days and must be promptly removed after the event. Please note the maximum number of easels allowed per area in each building (See Easel Locations below).
  • Permission for placement will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  
  • Departments that frequently create campus informational posters should consider the purchase of a wall-mounted “snap frame” for long-term information sharing. (Contact Purchasing Department or Marketing & Communications Department.)


  • Easels must not impede traffic flow in buildings. They may not be located between the exterior and interior doors (breezeways) of any campus building.
  • Easels may not be placed in hallways, except that a sign directing people to an event location may be placed in a hallway on the day of the event only.
  • Only one poster can be located on or near each easel in approved locations. (No posters on the floor leaning up against the easel.)
  • All posters on easels must be stamped and dated according to the approval process described in Guidelines for Posting Materials on Campus.
  • Easels and outdated posters must be removed in a timely manner by those who post them. (The Student Activities Office will monitor buildings weekly to remove easels and outdated posters.)
  • Easels must be marked with the name of the office or department to whom they belong.

Approved Locations for Easels:

Academic Building Lobby – One easel maximum.

  • One easel allowed in recessed area across from the wall where Criminal Justice Department awards are hung.

  • No easels allowed across from Room 103 in area of General Information bulletin board. 

Administration Building Building Atrium – Two easels maximum.

  • Place in corner where reading materials are distributed and to left of information desk.

Café/Bookstore – One easel maximum.

  • Place in vestibule entrance to the café on left side.

College Center Atrium – None allowed.

  • No easels are allowed, as they impede traffic flow.

Fine Arts Building Lobby – One easel maximum.

  • One easel only, placed just inside main entry door, in the right hand corner by the plant, just before the bathrooms.

Student Center Lobby – Two easels maximum. 

  • Right and left corners immediately inside door (at bottom of stairs and directly across from stair location)

Learning Resource Center-Library Entryway – One easel maximum.

  • One easel in library entryway.

Social Sciences Building  –  Three easels maximum.

  • Place near staircase in vestibule of each Yellow Parking Lot entrance to building.  An easel may also be placed in the student lounge in an area that does not impede traffic.

Technology Building Building Lobby – One easel maximum.

  • One easel in the downstairs lobby, by the pay phone. No easel in the bathroom end of the building. 

Visual Arts Building – One easel maximum.

  • Place at end of entrance hallway on the right side of hall before you enter the main corridor.

Contact Info

For Community Members:

Administration Building

Welcome Center
ADM Atrium

College Center &
Student Center

Kelley Pfeiffer
CC 102

For SCC Students and Employees:

Social Sciences Building

Margaret O'Dea
SSB 1104

Technology Building

Ginny Tiller
TECH 105

Humanities & Fine
Arts Buildings

Shannon Beahan
ACA 203

Visual Arts Building

Karen Murray
VAB 103