Developmental Studies

Developmental Courses

Developmental courses are non-transferrable credit classes that prepare students for college-level work. These courses represent a broad spectrum of academic areas including math, reading, English and study skills. Developmental courses relate directly to SCC's career and college transfer programs, making it possible for students with academic skills deficiencies to prepare for regular college-level courses and be successful.

Developmental courses can be identified by numerical prefixes below 100 and can be found in course listings under Mathematics, English, Reading, Biology, and College Development. Many developmental classes are taught in the classroom while others are available as individual study units through the Academic and Career Enhancement (ACE) Tutoring Center. Students may use academic resources, computer tutorials and tutoring services in the ACE Tutoring Center to assist them with developmental classes.

Students successfully completing developmental courses should be well prepared for college-level classes.

Success Semester

The Success Semester program places students into appropriate developmental courses to prepare them for college-level work. This "college prep" opportunity allows underprepared students to learn the skills they will need to succeed in college classes or to brush up academic skills they may have forgotten. Students whose SCC assessment tests place them in developmental math, English and reading classes will be in the Success Semester during their first semester(s). They may fill out their schedule with College Study Skills (COL 090) or choose from several other developmental classes. A list of courses available to students who place in the Success Semester can be accessed in ADM 1204, Enrollment Services Department. These students will also be expected to take Orientation to College (COL 101) if they are taking nine hours or more and have not previously taken college classes.

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