Caring for Yourself and Being Involved

girl on stairs

Have fun!  Appreciate the opportunity you have and enjoy the learning experience.  College offers you an opportunity to expand your horizons, learn something new, make life-long connections with others, and prepare yourself for a career.

Take care of yourself.  Get sufficient sleep, exercise, and eat a healthy diet.  Avoid too much caffeine, or indulgence or dependence on energy drinks, and chemical compounds advertised as educational or concentration aids.

Join clubs and organizations as a way to make the educational experience more fun and interesting.  Students who get involved with others feel less isolated and tend to realize their struggles are not so unique or overwhelming.  Clubs are also a good networking tool for future employment, mentoring, and long-term friendships.

Realize that some level of stress is to be expected when attempting new things and can serve as a motivational factor.  Gain an understanding of your own stressors and have multiple "tools in the toolbox" to help reduce or manage stress.

Mental health and stress management counseling is available for students of SCC.

Enjoy campus activities and opportunities.

  • Go to plays and concerts on campus.  Better yet, participate in plays or concerts on campus.
  • Attend or participate in sporting events.
  • Attend the various programs, seminars, lunch talks, etc. for enjoyment and a more casual learning experience.  Check out the SCC home page, kiosks and bulletin boards around campus for news on upcoming events.
  • Enjoy the artwork produced by students and faculty and displayed in the galleries in the Fine Arts Building and Visual Arts Building on campus.