Setting Yourself Up for Success

girl studying

  • Be confident.  Know that you can be successful in college as long as you are willing to put in the necessary time and effort.
  • Be responsible.  Take responsibility for your education.  You are responsible for what you learn and for overcoming obstacles along the way.  The instructor is responsible for facilitating your education by developing the curriculum and evaluation strategies. 
  • Be motivated.  You are also responsible for your own motivation and level of interest.  Choose to find value and interest in learning opportunities, rather than choosing to be bored.
  • Be receptive.  Have an open attitude toward the subject, your instructors and their teaching styles, and your ability to learn the material.  Focus on what you can gain from each learning opportunity.
  • Be prepared.  Develop an educational plan with an advisor that includes knowledge of prerequisites, co-requisites, and course sequences for your particular course of study.  Have a precise road map to start your educational journey.  
  • Be aware.  Learn everything involved in the educational process, including all the resources available to you, the organizational style utilized by your instructor, the designed purpose of the individual assignments, and areas in your study skills that need improvement or adjustment.
  • Be calm.  Realize that you are not already supposed to know the material or how to do something being taught in a class.  The purpose of a college course is to expand your skills and knowledge.  It is your responsibility, however, to do whatever it takes to understand the material.  This may include allocating a significant amount of time and money, utilizing available help, and creatively finding strategies that work for you.
  • Be proactive.  Make necessary changes in your study habits, strive to learn the material, review often, pre-read material which will be covered in class, and keep track of your progress.
  • Be prepared to be challenged.  Something being difficult or challenging is not a bad thing to be avoided.  Embrace the challenge as a means to personal and professional growth.
  • Be positive.  Focus on your strengths and achievements.  Have a "can-do" attitude and remind yourself of your goal.