Copyright Violations

Downloading or distributing copyrighted material, including through peer-to-peer file sharing, without the permission of the copyright owner is against the law. Illegal downloading or distribution of copyrighted materials can result in your being prosecuted in criminal court and/or sued for damages in civil court. Criminal penalties for first-time offenders can be as high as five years in prison and $250,000 in fines. If sued in civil court, you may be responsible for monetary damages, attorneys’ fees, and civil penalties up to $150,000 per work distributed. Use of SCC’s resources for unauthorized distribution of copyrighted materials is forbidden.

The College prohibits illegal copyright infringement through its acceptable use policy and in its student conduct code. Disciplinary action, including loss of use of the College information technology systems up to and including expulsion from the College could result from violations of this policy.

As an SCC student you are required to adhere to all college policies including those that relate to copyrights. These include but are not limited to:

Many legal sources are available for copyrighted material such as music and movies. Some are free and some charge a nominal fee. A current and comprehensive compendium of legal sources can be found at the Motion Picture Association of American website, The SCC Library makes available licensed journal, music, and image resources to support instruction for currently enrolled students, faculty, and staff members at These licensed resources require electronic authentication based upon patron files that are regularly updated.

You need to be aware that sharing music, videos, software, and other copyrighted material may be a violation of the law and can expose you and those with whom you share materials to civil and criminal penalties. Please be responsible in your use of copyrighted materials.