Conduct, Due Process Appeals

Student Appeal Process

If a student rejects the discipline imposed by the dean of student success or the student conduct committee, then the student must appeal the matter in writing within 15 calendar days to the vice president for academic and student affairs. In cases of sexual assault or harassment, both the accused and the accuser have the right to appeal the outcome of the investigation/ disciplinary decision. The appeal must cite at least one of the following criteria as the reason for appeal and provide supporting arguments.  The vice president will send the written appeal to a three member appeals committee, to determine if the appeal meets the criteria:

  1. The original hearing was not conducted in conformity with prescribed procedures.
  2. The evidence presented at the previous hearing was not ‘sufficient’ to justify a decision against the student.
  3. Evidence, which was not withheld by the student and which could have substantially affected the outcome of the hearing, has since been discovered.
  4. The sanction was too severe for the violation.

Status during appeal: The sanction that was rendered by the dean of students or student conduct committee is in effect during the period of appeal. If the student successfully appeals, the college will inform all parties (in writing) of any sanction change, which will become effective immediately.

If the appeals committee determines that criteria have not been met, the previous determination stands.  If the appeals committee determines that the student has met the appeals threshold, the vice president for academic and student affairs will review the record of the original hearing, including documentary evidence. 

It is the vice presidents discretion to convert any sanction imposed to an alternate sanction, to rescind any previous sanction or to return a recommended sanction to the dean/designee or committee for review and/or reconsideration. 

The final decision will be communicated in writing by certified mail by the vice president to the appealing student, with a copy sent to appropriate college offices.  The decision of the vice president shall be final.

Upon written request, alleged victim of violence or non-forcible sex offense will receive disclosure of campus student disciplinary proceeding results.  If the alleged victim is deceased as a result of the crime or offense, the disclosure may be requested by the next of kin of the alleged victim.