Student Activities

Student Activities

SCC clubs, organizations and college-sponsored events are available to all credit students. Restrictions apply for college-related travel and sport clubs. Some events may be open to community members. Contact 636-922-8544 with questions.

Student Organizations

Recognized student organizations shall be allowed to invite and hear any person or to present any program of their own choosing subject to college policies and procedures, such as scheduling of facilities, 581.6 political activity on campus, etc. Such an invitation does not imply that either the sponsoring group or the college approves of or endorses the views expressed by the speaker or by the program. Speakers are accountable for their conduct. If a student organization sponsors a speaker with knowledge of his/her intended violation of the law or of college regulations, and if such violation does occur, disciplinary action may be taken against the sponsoring student organization.

SCC students shall be free to organize and join organizations to promote their common interests. Memberships in all college-related organizations shall be open to any member of the student body who is enrolled in credit courses and willing to maintain the academic requirements of the organization and its written stated objectives. Where college funds or property are used, in whole or in part, to support the organization or to promote its activities, the college may subject the organization to reasonable and uniform rules or procedures, such as a rule requiring the use of a reliable accounting procedure or requiring the submission of a list of officers, members or other persons who agree to be personally responsible for the overall conduct of the organization.

Although a faculty or staff advisor is required for each organization, the organization is not subject to the control of the advisor, nor will it be denied freedom of association if the organization is temporarily unable to secure an advisor. Affiliation of a voluntary student organization with extra-mural organizations shall not necessarily disqualify the college-based student organization from college privileges.

Violation of law or college policies, procedures or campus rules or regulations may result in the imposition of sanctions against both the organization and the responsible officers and offending members as individuals.

The right to voluntary association and college recognition shall not be abridged because the organization holds views at variance with a college official. The college endorses the principles of editorial freedom in student publications. However, editorial freedom carries with it the obligation to adhere to the canons of responsible journalism. College-published, -sponsored or -financed student publications are required to indicate that the opinions therein expressed are not necessarily those of the college or the student body. Other student publications that might appear to the public as being college published, sponsored or financed are also required to so indicate.


All fundraising activities on behalf of SCC must receive prior approval from the student activities manager (if on behalf of a student club or organization), the athletic director (if on behalf of the Athletics Department), or the SCC Foundation/Development Department. See Fundraising for Student Clubs, Organizations and Athletic Teams.