Health and Disability Regulations – Screenings & Insurance

Screenings & Insurance

Drug Screenings

Drug screenings are required for students participating in certain programs, such as nursing, and may also be required of student athletes. 

See SCC board policy 400/447.0 Drug Screening.

Health Insurance

The college recommends that all students seek health and accident insurance if they are not adequately covered by a family or work insurance plan. International students who were admitted on an F-1 visa are required to show proof of insurance (that meets SCC standards for use in the United States) prior to registration. While the college does not endorse one insurance plan over another, the college will provide information about student insurance plans through the Enrollment Services Department.

Health insurance is required for anyone competing in intercollegiate athletics or club sports.

If students traveling on college-sponsored trips have medical insurance, they must provide the club advisor with a copy of the insurance card, in case of emergency.

See SCC board policy 400/444 Insurance Information Students.

Medical Examinations

A medical examination is not generally required for admission to the college.  When a student has contracted a communicable disease that poses a potential and serious health hazard to other students, faculty and staff, the vice president for academic and student affairs may require a medical examination or a physician's statement of health status for admission to the college or continuation in classes.  Medical and immunization records may be required for admission to certain programs such as nursing or child care.

A physical examination by a licensed physician is required prior to trying out or participating in a SCC intercollegiate or club sport.  Any concerns noted by the physician will require further medical investigation.  A student must have a full release from a physician to participate. See board policy 400/423 Medical Examination.