Schedule/Program Changes

Active Military Duty

A student who is called to active duty in special situations in any branch of the U.S. military service will be released from his/her academic responsibilities without penalty. You may request to withdraw from all classes and receive a full refund of tuition and fees paid for class enrollment in that semester. This transaction must be initiated in the Enrollment Services Department. You must provide a copy of your orders at the time of request to withdraw.

If you have completed 75 percent of the time designated for a course, you may initiate a request through the instructor of record to be permitted to either receive an “incomplete” in the course or take an early final examination and receive a grade.  Once you notify the designated college representative of your decision, the action selected will be considered final. Proper documentation of the option chosen will include signatures of the student and teacher. A copy of the agreement will be placed in your file.

Any physical properties belonging to the college that you have in your possession such as equipment, instruments or books must be returned to the lending source prior to separation.

Add/Withdraw From a Credit Class

The procedures for withdrawing, adding and auditing courses are described below. The registration and tuition refund appeal process is also described.

Course Withdrawal

To withdraw from a course, you may use SCC Connection or complete a Registration Add/Drop Form. Bring the completed form to the Enrollment Services Department.

  • By officially withdrawing from a course before the end of the 10th week of classes, you will receive a 'W' on your transcript.
  • Do not stop attending a course without officially withdrawing or you will receive an 'F' grade for the course(s).
  • The add/drop form must be submitted to the Enrollment Services Department by the stated withdrawal dates for a given term. Withdrawal dates can be found in the credit course schedule, at the Enrollment Services Department and on the Academic Calendar.
  • Students may drop a course with a 'W' through the end of the 10th class week during a regular term; this varies during abbreviated and short-term class sessions.
  • Tuition Refund Policy.

Adding a Course

To add a course, complete the Registration Add/Drop Form. Courses can only be added during open registration dates.

Program Discontinuance Due to Low Enrollment

The vice president for academic and student affairs recommends program discontinuance due to low enrollment based on appropriate criteria and consultation with program faculty and staff. The vice president for academic and student affairs submits the recommendation to the college president. The decision is relayed to the appropriate deans and personnel in the program under consideration. If the decision is to discontinue the program, the college will immediately cease enrolling new students in the program.  Efforts will be made to allow students currently enrolled in the program to complete their degree/certificate.  The timeline for completion will be specified by the end of the semester following the announcement of discontinuance.

See SCC Board Policy 400/411