Refunds and Fees

Payment of Tuition

All tuition is payable on or before the announced due dates.


The college may assess additional fees associated with specific majors, laboratories, individual lessons or some distance-based course formats. Students are required to pay for specialized testing.

How to Pay for Classes

Note: If you register on the Web, you may pay on the Web, by mail or in person. 

If You Pay by Mail

  • Pay by check. Do not send cash (for your protection). Make checks payable to St. Charles Community College.
  • Write your student ID number on all payments. This will ensure your account is credited. Write the student’s name on payment if different from the name on the check. We cannot accept bank starter checks. A name must be imprinted on the check. Included on the check must be a telephone number with area code (this information can be hand written). Mail your check to: St. Charles Community College, Attn.: Cashier, 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Cottleville, Mo. 63376-2865.
  • Your canceled check is your receipt. Checks must be for the exact total and must be received by the Cashier’s Office by announced deadline.
  • No two-party checks will be accepted. A $20 fee is charged for each check returned by a banking institution. Returned checks may be turned over to a collection agency, and you may be removed from classes.  

If You Pay in Person

  • Pay by check. Follow the same procedure as if paying by mail, except present your check in person to the Cashier’s Office according to the appropriate deadlines, or deposit your payment in the drop box next to the Cashier's Office.
  • Pay with cash. The college accepts cash for classes. However, to protect yourself, do not send cash through the mail. Pay in person if you wish to pay by cash.
  • Pay by credit card.  SCC accepts MasterCard, VISA or Discover credit cards. If you wish to pay by credit card, pay online if you have your password, or pay in person and have your credit card ready.

Registration and Tuition Refund Appeal Process

The registration and tuition refund appeal process is available to students who feel they warrant an exception to the college’s withdrawal/refund policies. Exceptions to the college’s established policies are not made lightly and will generally be considered only for extenuating circumstances.

Examples of extenuating circumstances include: Medical issues, death of a family member or physician's orders restricting school attendance. The committee decides each case on its own merit.

To file an appeal: Complete the appeal form and include a written statement explaining in detail the circumstance leading to the appeal and include supporting documentation (doctor's orders, death certificates, etc.). Submit the entire appeal packet to the Enrollment Services Department (ADM 1113).

The committee meets the third Wednesday of each month. Materials are confidential and only shared with committee members. Completed appeal packets received by noon on the second Wednesday of the month will be included in the following week’s meeting. Appeals submitted after this time will be reviewed at the next month's meeting.

The submission of an appeal does not guarantee approval. Students are notified in writing of the committee’s decision within seven working days of the appeal meeting.

If your appeal is denied, you may appeal the decision in person at the next appeals meeting by calling 636-922-8235.

Change in Residency

In order to receive the in-district tuition rate, you must submit any changes in residency that affect tuition charges before the first day of class of the semester in which the change will take place. Proof of residency must accompany a request for change from out-of-district to in-district residency.

Tuition Refund Policy

Per Board Policy 417, the tuition refund policy is as follows:

  • If a student withdraws from a credit course or from the college during the first three weeks after the start of the semester, a refund will be processed based on the date that the student withdraws.
  • If a student withdraws from a credit course or from the college, the student may receive a tuition refund for that session or semester provided an Add-Drop Form is completed and filed with Enrollment Services within a specified time, or the student withdraws online via SCC Connection. The date of the Add-Drop Form or the date the online drop is completed is used to determine the percentage of eligible refund.  

Percentage of Refund

Time Frame of Refund

100% Day 1-7 of the semester
80% Day 8-14 of the semester
60% Day 15-21 of the semester

NOTE: Refund amounts are determined by specific dates within each semester for all classes and will be prorated for courses less than 16 weeks in length. A full refund of tuition and fees is made if the college cancels a scheduled class. See Tuition Refund Schedule for dates.