Service Animals

Domestic animals are prohibited on college properties (except on the Dardenne Greenway Trail) with the exception of service animals that may be needed by visitors, students and employees. Service animals are protected by the law.

Individuals are encouraged but not required to contact Disability Support Services (DSS) if bringing a service animal to campus.

Community Use of Campus

St. Charles Community College makes the campus as accessible as possible to district residents by offering meeting space when available and by providing many cultural opportunities through the Donald D. Shook Fine Arts Building and theater.

In addition, the campus is the site of many seminars, workshops and outdoor activities that are open for participation by the general public.

Users of facilities will be required to comply with all college policies and any applicable statutory regulations.

To inquire about community use of SCC campus facilities, contact the Office of Academic and Student Affairs or visit the community use of campus Web pageTo view upcoming events and activities on campus, see the online SCC calendar.

Grounds Restrictions 

Animals are prohibited on College properties with the exception of service animals, which may be required by visitors, students and employees. In addition, dogs will be allowed on The Dardenne Greenway Trail, provided they are under the direct control of their owner at all times. Pet owners must clean up after their animal. 

Hunting, fishing, swimming, ice skating, skateboarding, rollerblading or other similar activity is prohibited on College sidewalks, walking trails or any College-owned property except on the Dardenne Greenway Trail where rollerblading and the use of golf carts are permitted. Walking or playing on ice-covered lakes is also prohibited.

Students needing assistance with service animal accommodation may contact the Office of Disability Support Services, 636-922-8247. Faculty and staff needing assistance with service animal accommodation may contact the Vice President for Human Resources, 636-922-8300.


Bicycles may be used on roadways only. For safety reasons, bicycles may only be used on parking lots when traveling to, commuting within and leaving the college property. Bicycles are allowed on the Dardenne Greenway Trail and walking trails and no “off-road” riding is permitted on campus. Pedestrians always have the right of way on sidewalks. Bicycle racks are provided at various locations on campus.

See Board Policy 303-Grounds Restrictions.

Parking on Campus 

As a commuter college, the institution recognizes the necessity for adequate traffic control, safety and parking facilities. The SCC director of public safety is responsible for the development and enforcement of college traffic control procedures and for the general safety of the campus. Citations may be issued for violations of regulations. The following should be observed:

  • Parking hang tags are issued by the Department of Public Safety (free of charge with a paid tuition receipt) in the Campus Services Building during periods of non-registration or in the Café-Bookstore during the last two weeks of each registration period. Hang tags will be issued in the student’s name and must be displayed on the vehicle’s inside rearview mirror. Failure to do so may result in a $5 citation. The hang tag is transferable to any vehicle driven by the student.
  • Park only in authorized areas. Students who have registered and paid for classes may park their cars on any campus lot.
  • Designated areas:
    • Blue lines – Disabled parking
    • Crossed white lines – Official/college vehicles
    • Red lines – Emergency vehicles
  • Parking is not allowed in driving lanes or streets. Driving lanes must be kept clear for emergency vehicles. All cars parked in driving lanes will be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense. Curb-side parking is prohibited unless the curb forms part of the “lined” space.
  • Registered students are not considered visitors and will receive a citation if parked in a “Visitor Parking” space
  • Operation of any vehicle on paths, sidewalks, planted areas or in pedestrian areas is prohibited. Drivers must exercise the highest degree of care on roadways, driveways or parking lots on SCC property.
  • Drivers must obey the instructions of official traffic and parking control signs or devices.
  • Drivers must comply with all lawful orders or directions of a police officer, college public safety officer, fire department official or other emergency or law enforcement officials.
  • Campus speed limit is 20 mph on roadways and driveways, 15 mph on parking lots.
  • Vehicles left overnight on campus lots that do not have prior approval will be ticketed. It is prohibited to occupy a vehicle overnight on campus lots except during special events approved by the college.
  • The college does not assume responsibility for any motor vehicle (or its contents) parked on SCC property.
  • All accidents are to be reported to the Department of Public Safety located in the Campus Services Building.
  • For motorist assistance on parking lots and driveways of the campus, contact the Department of Public Safety at 636-922-8545.

Disabled Parking

Students, faculty and staff with physical disabilities may apply for temporary or permanently disabled status through the Missouri Department of Revenue License Bureau. Only state-issued disabled hang tags and license plates will be recognized. A Disabled Placard (a small sign indicating information about the vehicle operator) is a removable windshield placard that is to be hung from the rearview mirror of a parked vehicle in order to park in disabled parking spaces. The placard must be used only when a physically disabled person is the occupant of the motor vehicle at the time of parking or when the physically disabled person is being dropped off or picked up. Displaying a Disabled Placard and parking in a disabled parking space by a person not transporting the individual to whom the placard was issued will result in a parking ticket with a $50 to $300 fine.


Fines are:

  • $10 for all non-moving violations
  • $20 for any moving violation.
  • Disabled parking violations are $50.

Improper or reckless driving violations may result in a hearing before the dean of student success. All citations must be paid at the Cashier’s Office within 10 school days. A copy of the citation must accompany a check or money order payable to SCC and mailed to Cashier, SCC, 4601 Mid Rivers Mall Drive, Cottleville, Mo. 63376.

Officers from DPS/Campus Police may issue warnings, SCC Campus traffic tickets or municipal and state traffic tickets.  Municipal traffic tickets are issued under the authority of the City of Cottleville municipal court and State traffic tickets are issued under the authority of the St. Charles County circuit court, traffic division.  Fines for violations issued through a City or State court system are set by those jurisdictions.

Any vehicle parked and left unattended in an unauthorized location will be towed at the owner’s expense. If your vehicle is inoperable, contact Public Safety to avoid a ticket or towing. Unpaid citations must be paid by the end of the school term or grades will be withheld and you will not be permitted to enroll in any ensuing term.

Fines and towing charges are the responsibility of the person to whom the vehicle is registered.

A Student Traffic Court meets as needed to review student parking ticket appeals. Students may request a form to appeal in the Student Activities Office in Room 102 in the College Center.

For details about parking, read the Campus Parking Regulations brochure.
See board policy 305 – Motor Vehicle Regulations.