Any person seeking regular admission to SCC must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Receive a high school diploma.
  • Receive the GED or HiSET certificate.
  • Reach the age of 18 and demonstrate the ability to benefit through the student assessment process.

The following persons also may be admitted with special student status as defined below:

  • High school students 16 years of age or older who have completed "dual enrollment" requirements. Dual enrollment is a special program whereby high school students may enroll in up to 6 hours a semester of college courses with the permission of high school and college officials and parents. For more information on the dual enrollment program, contact your high school guidance office or the SCC Enrollment Services Department.
  • Young adults 16 years of age or older who can verify that they have severed all connections with their high school district and demonstrate the ability to benefit through the student assessment process.
  • Students under 16 years of age who are enrolled in a gifted or accelerated learning program may be eligible to take college courses.  Contact the Academic Advising Department at 636-922-8241 for more information.

A new application is required under the following situations:

  • A person applies for admission, but does not attend for the first calendar year after submitting the application.
  • A person who attends SCC for at least one semester, but then does not attend for 5 consecutive years.
  • Any person who graduates from SCC with a Certificate or Degree.

Admission to the college does not guarantee entrance into a particular course or program of study. The college reserves the right to establish selective admissions procedures and to give preference to residents of the St. Charles Community College District. Prospective career/technical students must see a counselor before they declare a major in the program.

The college may restrict or deny admission to any applicant whose record of behavior indicates that his or her admission may create a threat or potential danger to the college community.

See Board Policy 402-Admissions.

Appeal Process for Dual-Enrolled Students

If you apply to SCC as a dual-enrolled student and want to take developmental courses (courses below 100 level), physical education courses or would like to take more than 6 credit hours, you must write a letter of appeal explaining your situation to the dean of academic advising and transfer services. Letters of support from your principal or high school counselor will be necessary. Any other exception that is unique to your situation must also be addressed in this manner.

Transfer Policies for Transferring Credits Into SCC

Students transferring from other colleges or universities are eligible for admission to SCC with advanced standing. Credits for courses in which passing grades have been earned may be accepted in transfer at the registrar’s discretion. Students who want to transfer credits to SCC from an accredited college or university may do so by requesting that official transcripts from each institution attended be sent directly to the Enrollment Services Department.

In order for credits to be evaluated, students must complete a “Request for Evaluation of Transfer Credit” form. Request forms are available in the Enrollment Services Department or online.