A person has to be crazy, or mentally ill, to need therapy.
People have all sorts of everyday problems that keep them from functioning at their best. Talking with a person who is trained in understanding human behavior can help resolve issues and gain a broader awareness of possible solutions. Having an outside, independent person to talk with can help make your issues more clear. A trained counselor has no personal agenda, whereas a family member or friend often does.

If I go to counseling, it means that I am not strong enough.
Counselors can provide emotional support as a person is working through difficult and stressful issues. We all face challenges that can seem confusing and overwhelming. In counseling, we can talk about new skills and knowledge that can help us achieve what we want in life. When we are having problems with our car, we can go to someone skilled in mechanics. When we are having problems in our life, we can go to someone skilled in helping us find solutions. Seeking counseling can be seen as a sign of strength and a desire to succeed.

The counselor will tell me what to do.
The counselor is not in the position to tell anyone what to do. That decision is solely up to the client. The counselor will endeavor to help a client explore options, develop new skills and make decisions that they are comfortable with. Often, a client becomes more aware of how their beliefs, thoughts and emotions work together to influence their actions. This in turn, helps them to more clearly see the changes they need to make to achieve their goals.

The counselor will judge me and my life.
The counselor is not here to judge anyone. The counselor is not the expert about how another person should think, feel or act. The client is the expert about their life. The counselor can help clients become more aware of their thoughts and feelings. When people can better verbalize their thoughts and feelings, this often produces positive changes in their lives. Moods can improve, relationships can improve and people can become more productive.

If I go to counseling, everyone will know.
The counselor will maintain your privacy on or off campus. The only people who will know that you are engaged in counseling are those whom you choose to inform.

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