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Mental Health Syllabus Statement

Here are two possible mental health statements you may include in your syllabus – a short version and a detailed version.

Short Syllabus Statement:

Mental Health

St. Charles Community College offers free on-campus mental health counseling to full-time and part-time credit students. Counseling is short-term, solution-focused and confidential. To make an appointment with Christie Jackson, the campus counselor, call 636-922-8571 or 636-922-8536. Sessions are held in her office, Administration Building, Room 1123 F. For after-hours emergency counseling, call Behavioral Health Response at 314-469-6644 or 1-800-811-4760. See SCC Mental Health Services for additional information.

Detailed Syllabus Statement:

Mental Health

The college years can be a time of growth and development as well as a time of challenges and stress. Students may experience that stress in many different ways.

St. Charles Community College offers the opportunity to address your concerns with a FREE mental health counselor on campus. SCC has a well-trained professional to help with a wide range of concerns common to colleges students including anxiety, eating concerns, alcohol/drug issues, relationship concerns, academic stress, suicidal thoughts, sexual and LGBT concerns.

We are committed to providing high quality care guided by the SCC mission of serving our community by focusing on academic excellence, student success, workforce advancement and life-long learning within a global society. We celebrate diversity and we enrich the economic and cultural vitality of the region by providing an accessible, comprehensive and supportive environment for teaching and learning.

Our mental health counselor will offer short-term counseling, community support and referrals. Sometimes a student may require care beyond the scope of our counseling center and in these situations students will be assisted with establishing care off campus.

Length of counseling varies. Some problems are resolved within one or two sessions. Other problems may require meeting more often. This will be determined by you and your counselor.

Contact the mental health counselor, Christie Jackson at 636-922-8571 to set an appointment. Office location is Administration Building, Room 1123 F. Appointments may also be made by calling Teresa Drury at 636-922-8536.

Any faculty, staff or student may submit a student concern form to the Behavioral Intervention Team or by calling 636-922-8111.

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Student Rights

The United States Constitution and state of Missouri guarantee SCC students of certain rights. Substantial violation of student’s right may be appealed in accordance with the Student Grade or Conduct Appeals Procedures.

The following rights also apply:

  1. Access to scheduled class meetings and appropriate instructional and support services.

  2. Classroom instruction, assignments and evaluation that are consistent with the general course description and requirements established in the course outline.

  3. The student has the right to due process including a speedy hearing, confrontation of the college’s or his witnesses and appeal.

  4. The student has the right to be considered for membership in any student group or organization without regard to race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, ancestry, age, veteran status, disability or genetic information.

Student Responsibilities

We believe that students are responsible for their learning. Similarly, student rights accompany exercise of responsibility for learning.

  • Selecting a program of study that is consistent with his/her abilities and interests.

  • Selecting coursework that corresponds with his/her program of study and readiness level.

  • Enrolling in a schedule of classes appropriate to the time and effort that he/she will allocate to academic requirements.

  • Being attentive and participating in class activities.

  • Completing all class assignments as directed by the instructor or course syllabus.

  • Complying with all college announcements and requirements found in the catalog and official publications.

  • Seeking appropriate support services to improve his/her level of academic achievement and to enhance the quality of college life.

  • Behaving in a humane and ethical manner both in the classroom and in all communication and contact with the instructor, other staff members and other students.

  • Students are expected to attend all class sessions and report to each session on time. If an absence occurs, students are responsible for all work missed. Excessive absences that jeopardize successful completion of the course (as outlined in the course syllabus) may result in a lowered or failing grade in the class.

Contact Info

Campus Mental Health Services

Administration Building 
Room 1123

Available Hours

8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

After-hours crisis line, call:

Behavioral Health Response