Tutorials on Using the SCC Library

Finding Books and Articles in the SCC Library

How to Find a Book Given a Call Number:
Learn how to find the call number, and then locate the book on the shelf.

Searching Academic Search Elite (EBSCOhost):
Overview on searching for articles using the Academic Search Elite database.

Tips and Tricks for the Best Search Results From Library Databases

Five Steps to Better Research:
Learn how to come up with a quality research question, find other ways to search for a topic, and make the research process quicker and easier, (created by the Colorado State University Libraries).

Identifying the Best Keywords:
This tutorial, titled Unnecessary Words and Letters in Keyword Searches, explains the differences in searching library databases and Google and how to pick out the best words for your search (created by Chris Niemeyer, UMSL Libraries).

Wildcards: Searching Effectively Using Truncation*:
Learn when you should use truncation (wildcards), what it is, and how it works. A very useful tool to know!

Boolean Tutorial: Searching Effectively Using And, Or, Not*:
Learn when to use the And, Or and Not in your searches, and how to use them together.

If you have questions about using the SCC Library, stop in or call us at 636-922-8620.

*Anyone may link to these tutorials without requiring explicit permission. If you would like the original Flash files for these tutorials, some of them are available under a Creative Commons Attribute and Share Alike license here: http://lib.colostate.edu/tutorials/share.

These tutorials were created by Colorado State University Libraries / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://lib.colostate.edu/.


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