Suggest Materials

As faculty members you are the experts on campus in your discipline and the librarians rely on your expertise when developing the collection in your subject areas.  

Please contact your liaison if you would like to recommend material to support instruction in your discipline.  The liaison will work to see if the purchase fits within budget constraints and works with our collection development policy.  If you don’t have specific titles in mind but feel there is a area of the collection that is lacking, contact your library liaison and they can recommend materials to purchase.  

Library Liaisons

Kelly Mitchell
Theresa FlettYing LiJulia Wilbers
Anthropology Business/Economics Allied Health Child Care & Early Education
Art Communication/Journalism Biology Education
Criminal Justice Engineering Chemistry English/Literature
Human Services Geography Nursing Foreign Language
Music/Theater History Occupational Therapy Philosophy
Psychology Math/Computers Physical Education Reading
Sociology Political Science Physics Religion

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