Adding Library Content to a Course

The library offers millions of resources (print and online) that can be easily added to your course. Since the library pays for access to these resources, the links need to be tweaked a little so you and students can access the material off campus.  

Linking to articles in our databases or chapters in an ebook may seem complicated but it CAN be done and we can help you do it.  If you want to try on your own see the instructions below.  If you just want the correct link, contact a librarian and we can send it to you.

If you would like to scan a print resource and make it available to your students, you must place that copy in your Moodle course and follow copyright guidelines.  

Please contact a librarian if you need assistance locating or linking to any of our online resources or if you would like to add a scanned copy of print material.

Add the following URL to the permanent link for the article or ebook.

Below is an example of a link to an article in the Encyclopedia of American Social History on Transients, Migrants, and the Homeless.  It's long but it works, although it is better to embed the URL in the text. 


Embedded Link:

Same link:  Please read this article on transients, migrants, and the homeless in American history.

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