The Employment Application

Applications are used to screen candidates, so never use them as your main strategy for gaining an interview or finding a job.

Most potential employers will have you complete an application as one of the steps in the screening process. Always submit a resume with the application.

Tips for Completing an Application

  1. Read and follow directions carefully: Don’t write if it says print.  Employers notice mistakes.
  2. Use an erasable pen, not a pencil: Use blue or black ink only.
  3. Be neat and thorough: Appearance counts – be as neat as you can.
  4. Be positive, but honest: Do not lie on your application.
  5. Add positive information whenever you can: In the work experience section, state if you were promoted, etc.; write your strengths if there is a “comments” section. You can also say “see resume for more details.”
  6. Do not state a specific salary: Write “open.” If forced to, write in a very wide salary range, such as “mid teens to low twenties,” or $8 to $12.
  7. If asked if are you willing to work weekends, evenings, etc.: The best response is to write, “will consider other shifts,” or a simple “yes.”
  8. Never write "fired" for reason for leaving: Try to express the reason more positively. “looking for more responsibility and demanding position,” “went back to school,” or “left for a better job.”