Skills and Qualities Employers Seek in Job Candidates

In your interview, through your resume and when talking to your references, employers will be looking for these qualities. Demonstrate that you can bring these skills and abilities to the organization, and the job will be closer to being yours!

  • Communication/Interpersonal Skills: Solid verbal, written and listening abilities; a friendly demeanor.
  • Teamwork Skills: A willingness to work cooperatively with co-workers.
  • Appearance: A candidate that is dressed and groomed neatly.
  • Leadership Skills: The willingness to take charge.
  • Adaptability: The individual should demonstrate an ability to roll with the punches and have a pleasant, flexible outlook.
  • Dependability: Individual shows up for work on time and completes assignments.
  • Level of Commitment: Dedication to chosen field; shows energy and enthusiasm.
  • Work Experience: A work history that shows commitment and reliability.
  • Other Skills: Self sufficient, problem solver and good common sense.

How will your resume, behavior and conversation prove to the employer that you have these qualities?