Most Effective Approaches

Networking in Person

  • Ask friends, relatives and acquaintances if they know someone who could use your skills.
  • Up to 65% of all job seekers find jobs through people they know.

Networking Online

  • Companies use Facebook, LinkedIn and other networks to communicate with potential employees and to talk about their services and products.
  • Join one or more of these networks to increase your networking potential.

Direct Contact Via Telephone

  • Call prospective employers to arrange an informational interview.
  • This works best if you have a specific name you obtained through your networking contacts.

Direct Contact Via the Web

  • Search major Internet sites such as and for available positions.
  • Post your resume online.
  • Search specific company websites for vacancies.
  • Register with SCC's free online job posting program, College Central Network, and post your resume for local employers.

Temporary Employment Agency

  • Apply for a job with an employment agency.
  • Many companies use agencies to fill vacancies.
  • Temporary employees who do well are often offered permanent employment.