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The opening paragraph is your introduction to the reader. It should include the following:  your reason for writing, why you are interested in the organization, the name of the position for which you are applying, and how you became aware of the opening (a referral, newspaper ad, etc.).

In the second paragraph, refer to your enclosed resume.  Highlight specific skills, achievements, qualification and/or training that are relevant to the position you are pursuing. Why should the employer be interested in you?  This is the question you are addressing in this paragraph.  If you have qualifications that are not noted on your resume, this is your opportunity to discuss them.  Try not to repeat exactly what is already on your resume!  This paragraph can sometimes be subdivided into two paragraphs, if necessary.

The closing paragraph thanks the employer for his/her time and states what you will do next (such as calling to arrange an interview) or what you would like the recipient of the letter to do next.  The purpose of this letter is to motivate the employer to invite you for an interview.


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