Calling a Potential Employer – Telephone Script for Students Without a Degree

Practice Telephone Script B - For Students Without a Degree

  1. Introduce yourself and mention your referral person, if you have one.

    “Good morning Mr. Miller. My name is Janet Smith and I got your name from Jeff Brown. Do you have a minute to talk?“
  2. Ask for an informational meeting.

    “I am pursuing an associate degree in business and I would like to get more information about jobs in accounting. Would you be willing to have a short meeting with me to discuss some of the things you do, and future opportunities in the field?”
  3. If the person cannot meet with you, ask for leads to others who might be available.

    “I’m sorry you can’t meet with me. Is there anyone you can think of who might have some time?”
  4. Be polite, even if nothing substantial comes from the initial conversation.

    “Thank you for your time.”
  5. If the person does agree to meet you, take along a resume and be sure to send a follow-up thank-you note after your meeting.