Behavioral Questions an Interviewer Might Ask

man and woman shaking handsBehavioral-based questions are based on the premise that past behavior/performance predicts future behavior/performance.

Past performance examples may come from work experience, activities, hobbies, volunteer work, family life, etc.

Employers will be most impressed if your answer follows the STAR formula.

S – Talk about a past Situation.

T – Talk about the Task you encountered.

A – Tell the specific Action you took.

R – Tell the Result of your action.

Example: Describe a recent work-related problem and the actions you took to solve it.

Situation: Advertising revenue was down for the school newspaper and long-term advertisers were not renewing their contracts.

Task: My goal was to increase advertising revenues.

Action: I designed a new Web page and created ways our advertisers could post ads more directly to students and others who visited our site. 

Result: We signed many of our former advertisers and interested new companies in our new format using the Web.

Anticipate some of the BEHAVIORAL questions you might be asked.  Use examples that show skills needed for the job.