Successful Networking to Find a Job

Did you know that only 20% of jobs are ever advertised?  The remaining 80% of jobs represent the “hidden job market”.   Networking generally fills these positions.  Usually companies will look to people within the organization or to individuals who come recommended to them from people they respect.

 What is Networking?

 Networking is the process of establishing, building and maintaining relationship as a source of gathering information.  To be effective at networking, you must:

  • Show a genuine interest in the other individual
  • Build a strong rapport by being friendly and enthusiastic
  • Recognize the importance of the two-way nature of networking and mutually sharing information and advice    

 The preferred method to network is face-to-face on the individual’s own turf.  Contacts will be more apt to be relaxed in a familiar environment and generate better ideas for you. 

 Advantages of Networking

  • Have earlier chances of job opportunities with less competition and avoid the advertised market
  • Helps you explore career fields and identify job search leads
  • Your contacts may help your resume get moved to the top of the pile and be seriously reviewed by the hiring manager

 Developing a Network List

 Your initial networking list can come from a variety of sources:

  • Personal contacts such as family, friends, neighbors, classmates, acquaintances, organizations and church groups
  • Work contacts such as co-workers, supervisors and colleagues
  • Educational contacts such as teachers, academic advisors, coaches and alumni contacts
  • Professional group contacts such as trade associations, career centers and the Chamber of Commerce
  • Professional contacts such as your doctor, dentist, lawyer, accountant, banker, insurance agent or realtor

 Ways to Increase Your Network of Contacts

  • Volunteering
  • Job shadowing and/or informational interviewing
  • Joining a club, organization or professional association

If you need help learning how to network, locating network possibilities, or any other advice about this valuable tool, schedule an appointment with a SCC Career Services’ counselor at 636-922-8241.


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