What Careers Match My Personality?

There are some great assessment websites and we encourage you to visit them. By knowing your personality type, it can make career decisions much less frustrating. Note: Some of these sites charge a fee to take the test. Current SCC students and alumni can access FREE career testing. Call 636-922-8243 for more information.

Keirsey Temperament Sorter II

People are different and knowing your temperament helps in your career search. Learn more about YOUR thoughts and feelings, YOUR wants and beliefs, YOUR values and talents by taking the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II. To find out more about your personality go to keirsey.com. There is no charge and everyone who completes the questionnaire receives a free Temperament description.

Career Interests Game

The University of Missouri-Columbia Career Center has great information about matching careers to your personality type. The Career Interests Game is based on John Holland's Self-Directed Search. This assessment helps you match your interests and skills with careers that fit, giving you career suggestions based on your Holland Code. After you decide on your three letters, just click on the category heading for career suggestions and personality traits. Go to http://career.missouri.edu/career-interest-game

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