Career Counseling

SCC Career Services Center counselors assist students in developing greater self-awareness through assessment, identifying and evaluating opportunities, and in exploring career styles and trends.

Appointments can be made with a career counselor by calling 636-922-8241. During the appointment, the counselor and student will develop a plan to pursue the student's career goals. This may include career assessment, one-on-one career counseling and using available resources within the college and community to learn about careers and narrow the search for a meaningful career.

Students who are undecided about their college major and future career path can schedule an appointment for individual career counseling.  Many times, career counselors will suggest that the student take a career inventory to help them identify their interests, values and activities that they enjoy.  SCC uses a number of different inventories: 

  • Focus 2
  • Self-Directed Search
  • MBTI
  • Strong Interest Inventory

Most of the time, students will use just one, but have the option of using more than one if they choose. When interpreting the results of these inventories, the career counselor will explore a list of careers that the student may be interested in pursuing based upon how they answered the questions.  The entire process is to help the student identify careers that they would enjoy.  The career counselor does not tell them which career they should pursue; they merely give them the tools to explore a number of careers that would be good possibilities for the student.

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