Business Partner Overview


Activity in which an individual spends time with an employee on the job, observing workplace tasks in order to explore a potential career interest.


  • Provide opportunities for observing the daily operations of the workplace
  • Instruct the student in proper safety procedures of the workplace
  • Provide opportunity for question/answer session on soft skills and performance expectations
  • Discuss the level of education required for employment within the industry
  • Complete and submit an evaluation form to SCC


  • Communicate with program coordinator (PC) to confirm availability for job shadowing experiences
  • Communicate with PC to schedule specific job shadowing experience(s)
  • Fully review and understand the job shadowing program objectives and suggested guidelines the PC will send/email to you
  • Participate in a brief orientation by phone with the program coordinator.

Number of Students

For each job shadowing experience, there are three options:

  • Individual student
  • Small group of students (2-4)
  • Large group of students (5-8)

Time Commitment

For each job shadowing experience, there are three options:

  • 2-hour block
  • 4-hour block
  • 6-hour block

Please note: Students participating in this experience understand they need to take a proactive role and participate in a mandatory orientation with the PC before the experience begins.