Business Partner Overview


An employer will provide experiential education that allows a student to apply what they have learned in school to real work situations and build on their skills. Internship offerings vary. They can be paid or unpaid and are typically one semester (4-6 months) where students work 10-40 hours per week.


  • Select a student intern to learn skills and work at your place of business so they can put theory into practice
  • Act as a trainer and resource for information about the profession 
  • Share expectations when it comes to soft skills (e.g., interviews, dress, timeliness, etc.)
  • Challenge the intern to think and solve problems
  • Provide constructive and meaningful feedback
  • Provide encouragement to help build self-confidence and strong self-esteem
  • Optional: Present opportunities/invitations to attend community and professional functions that you attend (e.g., staff meetings, chambers, rotaries, professional associations)
  • Complete and submit an evaluation form to SCC


  • Fully review and understand the internship program objectives and suggested guidelines the program coordinator will send/email to you
  • Participate in a brief orientation by phone with the program coordinator
  • Post internship opportunity on College Central Network, a free online job/internship posting program directions
  • Interview and select intern(s)

Number of Students

As many as you need.

Time Commitment

Open to the intern’s needs and your discretion.