Business Partner Overview


Schools host events such as career fairs, job fairs, college majors’ fairs and other activities including in-class presentations where professionals are needed to provide students with valuable information and expertise about their career path.


  • Share information with students about your industry and career. If applicable, it is encouraged to show visual aids.
  • Discuss the level of education required for employment within your industry and typical pathways students take to gain employment
  • Provide advice on soft skills and performance expectations
  • Complete and submit an evaluation form to SCC


  • Communicate with program coordinator to confirm availability for preferred event/activity participation
  • Fully review and understand the event/activity objectives and suggested guidelines the program coordinator will send/email to you

Number of Students

  • For events, student interactions will vary but typically range from 10-20 students per hour.
  • For activities, student numbers typically range from 10-35.

Time Commitment

Depends on the event/activity:

  • 1-hour block
  • 2-hour block
  • 3-hour block