Workshops and Classroom Participation

Community and classroom presentations on career-related topics may be arranged upon request. Call 636-922-8243 to schedule.

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Panache That Pays

Etiquette luncheon offered each year in March.


Career counselors are available to make community and classroom presentations on career-related topics. Call 636-922-8243 to schedule or for additional information.

Subjects include:

First Impressions – Dressing for the Interview

When job-hunting, first impressions are critical. Students need to understand that they are marketing a product – themselves – to a potential employer, and the first thing the employer sees when greeting them is their attire. Every effort must be made to have the proper dress for the type of job they are seeking. Students will learn about the value of dressing for success plus get practical tips when job hunting.

Targeting Your Job Search

Many students who are job hunting are unclear about where to start. In this presentation students will learn practical steps that they can take to make looking for and getting a job much easier. They will learn valuable tips on narrowing what they want in a job, what types of organizations would be their best targets and what they can do to land that dream job.

What Employers Want

Good Communications Skills. Good Thinking Skills. Good People Skills. Good Leadership Skills. Good Procedural Skills (computer programs, organization, time management). These are all important qualities that companies are telling us they want in their employees. This presentation will highlight the importance of developing good work ethics and those soft skills that are so crucial to survive in the world of work.

The Value of Internships

Participating in an internship while attending college can alleviate that “can’t get a job without experience; can’t get experience without a job” dilemma. This presentation will emphasize the value of internships; give tips on how to seek out organizations that offer internships and what students can do to make the most of the experience.

The 30-Second Summary – Your Sales Pitch

As students go about their job search, they often hear . . . “Tell me about yourself.” They need to be prepared to take advantage of this opportunity to quickly sell themselves and be able to describe their skills, experience and education. In this presentation, students will learn how to prepare a brief overview of their most positive points – their 30-Second Summary – to use for networking, job interviews and telephone contacts.

What Can I Do With a Degree In ...

When discussing career goals and college majors, students often say that they really love English ... or history ... or psychology ... but they think the job opportunities in these fields are limited. This presentation will inform students of the variety of career avenues available with various college majors. Types of employers and strategies to develop skills will also be discussed.

Career Dreams

A person who dreams about their future has one. It is normal not to have a major when you start college. This interactive presentation asks students to discuss the meaning of success, explores positive ‘self-talk’ and asks students to reflect on their past, their attributes and their dreams for their future. Includes group and partner work with worksheets.

Lesson Plan for the A+ Interview

This presentation will help the graduating education student prepare for behavioral-based interview questions. Students who want to get into education should be able to articulate the steps of setting up a classroom, incorporate lesson plans that are age-appropriate and assess student achievement with enthusiasm and good communication skills. This presentation involves sample interview questions, mock interviewing and group work.

Interviewing 101

Learn about the five major findings behavioral scientists have discovered in the interviewing process. From being able to talk about yourself – to coming across as being confident and assertive – to making a good first impression, all these qualities and more are explored through self-reflection and partner work and an interview dilemma.

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