Workshops and Classroom Participation

SCC Career Services offers career and job-search related presentations for students in the classroom or for student groups and organizations. These presentations give students up-to-date relevant information about the world of work and career development. Some of the topics we have presented on in the past include:

  • Panache That Pays Etiquette Luncheon – Offered once each year in March, the etiquette luncheon helps you prepare for job interviews, networking and the world of work by helping you polish your professional image and brush up on social graces. A delicious lunch is served during the workshop to provide practical, hands-on experience.
  • First Impressions: Dress for Success – You will learn about the value of dressing for success, plus get practical tips when job hunting.
  • Targeting Your Job Search – You will learn valuable tips on narrowing down what you want in a job, what types of organizations would be your best targets and what you can do to land that dream job.
  • What Employers Want – This presentation will highlight the importance of developing good work ethics and those soft skills that are so crucial to survive in the world of work (communication skills, critical thinking, time management, organization, etc.).
  • The Value of Internships – How do you get a job without experience when you can't get experience without a job? This presentation will help you solve that dilemma and give tips on how to seek out organizations that offer internships and what students can do to make the most of the experience.
  • How to Create an Elevator Speech – Also known as a "30-second summary," the elevator speech helps you answer the question "Tell me about yourself." In this presentation, you will learn how to prepare a brief overview of your most positive points to use for networking, job interviews and job fairs.
  • What Can I Do with a Degree In ...? – We often hear students say "I love art (or psychology or history), but I can't get a job in that field." This presentation will show students the variety of career avenues available with various college majors. Types of employers and strategies to develop skills will also be discussed.
  • Career Dreams – Typically, 50% of college freshmen do not have a declared major when they enter college. Many of them decide within their first few semesters, but some students have a harder time choosing a major or career. This interactive presentation asks students to discuss the meaning of success, explores positive "self-talk" and asks students to reflect on their past, their attributes and their dreams for their future.
  • Interviewing 101 – Job interviews can be very intimidating. By participating in this workshop, you will feel more confident in your interviewing skills, including how to answer those difficult behavioral interview questions.
  • How to Navigate a Job Fair – If you've never attended a job fair, you may be unsure of what to do. We will share tips on how to prepare for a job fair, navigate a job fair and how to follow up with recruiters after the job fair.

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