Tips for Successful Test Taking

No matter which assessment you are taking, the Assessment Center staff suggests you follow these important steps in preparation for completing an assessment or test.

  1. Stay Awake
    You'll never do your best if you are over-tired.  Plan to come to the center after a good night's sleep or on a day that hasn't been especially tiring.
  2. Allow Time
    If you are taking an untimed test, be sure to allow enough time before we close to allow you to take your time.  If taking timed tests, allow for the full time limit.
  3. Know Where You Are Going
    Take a "test drive" to our location just to make sure you know how to find us. This will relieve a lot of your anxiety on test day.
  4. Celebrate Afterward
    Try to schedule your test taking so you can relax and reward yourself for your hard work after it's over.  Don't "squeeze" it into your schedule before going to work. Don't penalize yourself by scheduling important events afterward and then rushing through the test.
  5. Ask Questions
    If you do not understand directions or procedures don't be afraid to ask.  You have a right to ask questions!
  6. Know Your Assessment
    Be sure you understand fully the uses and implications of any assessment you take before you take it.  What will your score mean for you?  Can you re-assess?  Again, ask questions.  Also, ask if assessment preparation/study guides are available.