Make-up Testing Policies and Procedures

The Assessment Center offers make-up tests when requested by an instructor.  Whether or not a student is allowed to make up a test is at the discretion of the instructor. If permission is granted, the procedures listed below should be followed.


  • After giving permission, the instructor will inform the student of the deadline for taking the test.
  • The instructor will complete and send to the Assessment Center, along with the test, a completed referral form that lists the name(s) of the student to be tested.  Included on this form are the instructor's requirements as to the time limit (if any) and whether or not books, notes, calculators, etc. are allowed, and to whom the test will be returned. You may also download this form from SCC Intranet. You can also e-mail the test/s to the address found on the form.
  • Name(s) must be on the test and/or referral form.

Student using a computer in testing center


  • First, obtain permission from the class instructor to make up a test that was missed in class. There is no need to call and schedule an appointment with the Assessment Center.
  • Come to the center during normal Assessment Center hours.   Arrive at the center during posted hours with enough time to take the test before the center closes for the day. No testing will be started in the hour before closing.
  • Bring any testing aids allowed by the instructor.

Bring a picture I.D. (driver's license, student I.D.) with you to the Assessment Center.

No test will be administered without picture I.D.

Remember, tests will not be given after the end date on the
referral form unless it is extended by the instructor.

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