Resource Notebooks

The Pathways to Success handouts provide details on a variety of subjects to assist students attending SCC.  Hard copies of these Resource Notebooks are free and available at the ACE Tutoring Center.


How to be a Good Math StudentFor those students who fear math, this handout is for you.  It provides study techniques and helpful hints to be a successful math student.

Study Skills

Maximizing Memory This handout provides techniques to help improve one's memory and learning.

College Students on a BudgetThis handout maps out budget planning.  By completing four exercises, you'll learn how to manage your money more effectively while you are in school.

Effective Time Management This handout will make you more aware of the amount of time you actually have so you can use your time more efficiently.

Test Taking StrategiesMany people have test anxieties.  This handout will list a variety of helpful hints to use and practice to overcome the stress of taking tests.

Get the Most Out of Your TextbookTextbooks are an essential part of college.  The SQ4R method is explained in detail to help you use the textbook to the fullest.

Note Taking TipsNote taking from lectures or textbooks are an important aspect of learning.  How to take notes is explained along with strategies that will help you prepare to take notes as well as review your notes. 

Survival Skills for CollegeTen skills are discussed in this handout to provide the college student with the necessary skills to succeed in college. 


Grammar:  Once Over Lightly Common grammar problems such as subject and verb agreements, clauses, joining clauses, conjunctive adverbs, run-on sentences and comma splices will be explained in this handout.

Guidelines on Grammar and Style by Bruce Jaffee – This handout provides guidelines on revision notes, action and static verbs, subordination, use of passive voice as well as other common problems.

MLA DocumentationDeveloped by the Modern Language Association (MLA), this documentation style is the format for works cited pages, in-text citations (parenthetical references), and content notes required by most English instructors and instructors of other languages, and many humanities instructors. Click for Sample Essay

CMS Documentation – The Chicago Manual of Style (CMS) documentation is required by many history instructors and some humanities instructors when documenting sources with footnotes and endnotes.

APA Documentation – The American Psychological Association (APA) documentation is used extensively in the social sciences.  APA documentation has three parts:  in-text citations (parenthetical references) in the body of the paper; a reference list, and optional content footnotes.

Research Review – This handout provides helpful hints when writing a research paper.

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