cortex Outer medullary substance Inner medullary substance corpuscle Proximal convoluted tube Descending limb Henle's loop Ascending limb Distal convoluted tube Collecting tubule Papillary duct Arciform artery and vein Interlobular artery and vein Afferent vessel Efferent vessel Capillary bed

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A Cortex of kidney

B Outer medullary substance

C Inner medullary substance

1 Corpuscles of kidney

2 Proximal convoluted tube

a Descending limb of Henle

b Ascending limb of Henle

c Henle's loop

3 Distal convoluted tube

4 Collecting tubule

5 Papillary duct

6 Arciform vein and artery

7 Interlobular veins and arteries

8 Afferent vessel

9 Efferent vessel

10 Capillary bed