kidney Cortex Medullary substance Renal vein Renal artery Arciform vein Arciform artery Capillary bed Kidney3 Interlobular veins Interlobular arteries Renal duct Renal pelvis Renal calyx Renal pyramid

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View a larger image of the renal cortex which shows the Loop of Henle.

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A Cortex of kidney

B Medullary Substance

1 Renal vein

2 Renal artery

3 Arciform vein of kidney

4 Arciform artery of kidney

5 Capillary bed

6 Interlobular veins

7 Interlobular arteries

10 Renal duct

11 Pelvis of Ureter (renal pelvis)

12 Renal calyx

20 Renal pyramid