a. pigmented layer

b. layer of rods and cones

c. external limiting membranes

d.outer nuclear layer

l. rods

n. cones

o. cone granules

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e. outer plexiform layer

f. inner nuclear layer

g. inner plexiform layer

p. horizontal cells

q. bipolar cells

r. amacrine cells

s. sustenacular fibers of muller

t. ganglionic cells

choroid layer blind spot & optic nerve macula lutea

3. choroid layer

16 & 17 location of optic nerve, which causes blind spot (where the nerve, vein and artery leave the eye)

18. macula lutea


lens retina choroid


retina (lavender))

under the retina is the choroid layer (red)


ciliary body (black)

retina (white)

ciliary body

ciliary body

pigmented layer layer of rods and cones external limiting membranes outer nuclear layer rods cones cone granules outer plexiform layer inner nuclear layer horizontal cells bipolar cells amacrine cells ganglionic cells inner plexiform layer sustenacular fibers of muller ciliary body retina