Math Assessment Preparation

Assessment Preparation

Currently SCC uses the COMPASS program to assess students’ academic skills. Students who plan to take the mathematics placement test are encouraged to practice ahead of time. The questions on the COMPASS assessment test increase in difficulty depending on your answers.

For sample test items, visit

For sample questions that cover pre-algebra and algebra material, visit

For sample questions that cover college algebra, geometry and trigonometry, visit

If you feel you would like some extra practice, visit the following website(s):


The ACE Tutoring Center has an interactive tutorial program called ModuMath. ModuMath is not just for students currently enrolled in SCC math courses. Students who wish to take the SCC assessment test are encouraged to stop in and brush up on their math skills.  Students may watch interactive video lessons over the material they choose to review. There are also multiple choice exams over the material. Students can pause, stop and rewind the lesson as needed. ModuMath works at the student’s individual pace.

The material covered on ModuMath includes topics such as number lines, prime numbers, fractions, ratios and proportions, signed numbers, decimals and exponents. Some of the material the ModuMath Algebra software includes order of operations, solving equations, linear equations and graphs, factoring, rational expressions and systems of equations, just to name a few.

If you would like to use ModuMath to brush up on your math skills to prepare for the assessment, you may use ModuMath anytime during the ACE Tutoring Center's open hours. There is no cost to use this program and anyone is welcome to come and take advantage of this service. When you first come in you will meet with a tutor. The tutor will create a log-in for you and briefly describe the software to you. If you have any questions, a tutor will be happy to assist you.

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