Individualized Study Courses

The ACE Tutoring Center offers five non-credit, developmental courses. These developmental courses can be used

  • to complete a class schedule in a "Success Semester,"
  • to prepare a student for college-level work,
  • or for personal growth and interest.

Students enrolled in these courses check in at the ACE Tutoring Center at the beginning of the semester and continue to work on course materials during hours which are convenient for them throughout the term. ACE learning specialists are available for assistance at any time.

The five non-credit, developmental courses are:

  • RDG 080 Spelling I (2 cr.)
  • RDG 081 Spelling II (2 cr.)
  • RDG 083 Vocabulary Improvement (2 cr.)
  • RDG 084 Introduction to College Vocabulary (3 cr.)
  • RDG 090 Vocabulary for College Reading (3 cr.)

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