ACE Center Faculty Handbook

Services Available in the Academic Career Enhancement (ACE) Tutoring Center

Tutoring Services

Math Tutoring

There are three full-time math instructors in the ACE Center.

  • Karen George
  • Kim Heitmann
  • Eric Dettmer

There are also three or four (depending on their availability) other part-time degreed instructors who tutor at various times.

In addition, peer tutors (students who have done particularly well in their math courses and have been referred to us by the Math Department) also work with students.

The purpose of math tutoring in the ACE Tutoring Center is to assist students in their learning. It is meant to supplement class time and instructor office hours.

English Tutoring

There are four full-time and one part-time learning specialists who assist students with writing.

  • Richard Johnson
  • Tracy Conerton
  • Tom LaFata
  • Doug Brown
  • Meredith Struebing, part-time ESL

There are no peer English tutors. The ACE Tutoring Center is a resource for students. ACE instructors will give suggestions and point out prevalent grammatical errors. Students will be guided to make their own corrections and changes. The quality of final papers is determined by the students' own abilities and efforts.

Because of limited staff, limited space and growing numbers of students, the ACE Tutoring Center asks that instructors no longer require entire classes to bring their papers to the English tutors before handing them in. Instead, instructors are encouraged to suggest that only those students with the most obvious writing problems come to us for help.

Science Tutoring

The ACE Tutoring Center has one full-time science learning specialist and one part-time.

  • Danielle Mueller, full-time
  • David Bray, part-time

The learning specialists can help students in the sciences, including anatomy and physiology, biology and chemistry.

Foreign Language Tutoring

Foreign language tutoring in French and Spanish is also available. For tutor information, call 636-922-8444.

Computer Lab

We have a computer specialist that can be contacted to install software for your classes.

  • Tim Davison, academic network administrator

There is always at least one lab assistant available to assist students in the lab. Computer tutoring is also available on a limited basis. To reserve part of the computer lab for your class, call 636-922-8444.

We do not give make-up tests to students in the ACE Tutoring Center. This is a service offered by the Assessment Center.

ACE Tutoring
Center Info

Office Hours

7:30 a.m.-9 p.m.

9 a.m.-9 p.m.

7:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.

Between-semester hours vary

Office Location

Social Sciences Building, Room 2201
Second Floor

Office Phone Number

Call 636-922-8444 for an appointment