Accommodation Process/Requesting Services

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Accommodations at the post-secondary level are arranged to ensure ACCESS only with no guarantee of success. Accommodations must be requested EACH semester by students. If Disability Support Services (DSS) does not receive the completed Accommodations Request Form, accommodations will not be finalized for any semester. Initially, this is usually done during the appointment with the manager. Subsequent semesters, the student is responsible for completing the form request and submitting it to DSS. Prior history of an accommodation does not guarantee its continued provision.

  • During the initial appointment, the student and accessibility manager discuss the documentation/disability and the impact upon the academic setting to assist in determining eligibility.
  • The DSS manager will assess information provided by the student, third party input (any documentation provided), observation and make a determination of eligibility for services.
  • The student will be informed if further documentation is needed and why.
  • If sufficient information is available (DSS manager's decision), accommodations will be discussed and can be finalized either during the appointment or at a later time per the student’s preference. The Accommodations Request Form may be completed initially with the DSS manager or designee. This form must be completed by the student in each subsequent semester when requesting accommodations. The form is available online for returning students only. The form provides the college with a written request of the accommodation(s), courses and semester. The DSS manager reviews the requests for approval. Any denials will be discussed with the student. In some instances, a student may be asked to make an appointment or contacted for clarification.
  • Students may request accommodations at any time. Approved accommodations are NOT retroactive.
  • The DSS manager will prepare the Letters of Accommodation (LOAs) indicating approved accommodations for the class of which the instructor should be aware. In some cases, the manager may need to discuss accommodations with faculty.
  • LOAs are the official notification to faculty that a student has been approved for accommodations for their specific course.
  • Failure to pick up, deliver to the instructor and return to DSS may result in the accommodation not being arranged. Accommodations are NOT retroactive.
  • The student is responsible for picking up and delivering these notices to their instructor(s), securing the instructors’ signatures and returning them to DSS. For online classes, DSS staff may forward the Letter of Accommodation to the instructor via email. The DSS staff will review pertinent information with new students as applicable to their particular situation (Test Scheduling Guidelines, Using Note Takers, etc.). Initially, staff will provide a copy to students and keep one for the student’s file.
  • Returning students should review the pertinent online information which is linked to the Accommodations Request Form (Test Scheduling Guidelines, etc., as applicable to their individual accommodations). These guidelines may change and students are responsible for reviewing them each semester. The student will print the Testing Guidelines Form and sign indicating that they have reviewed the latest guideline(s) relating to their approved accommodation(s). Students should bring this signed form to DSS when picking up their Letters of Accommodation. If they have not done so, staff will require them to review, print and sign the form when they arrive to pick up their LOAs.
  • If the instructor disagrees with the recommended accommodation(s) listed on the Letter of Accommodation, they should contact the DSS manager immediately. Until the dispute is resolved, they should permit the accommodations. Faculty are encouraged to collaborate with the student and DSS in devising the most appropriate accommodations allowing equal access without lessening course/program integrity. Faculty can follow the Grievance Procedure if the issue is not resolved.

Students may discontinue accommodations at any time. If discontinuing note taking, real time captioning, interpreting services or testing through DSS, students must contact DSS staff.

Contact Info

Paige George

For appointments:
636-922-8627 or 636-922-8581

Send required documentation to:

Disability Support Services
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