Accommodation Process/Requesting Services

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Accommodations are approved at the college level to provide access to all aspects of the student’s education. It doesn’t guarantee success.

Accommodations are approved through Disability Support Services. Accommodations need to be requested each semester by students using the Accommodations Request Form. This form can be found on our home page or in the office. Accommodations will be finalized once the form is submitted.

How do we determine what accommodations you will qualify for?

During the initial appointment, the student and Disability Support manager will discuss the documentation/disability and the impact upon the academic setting to assist in determining eligibility.

The manager will assess information provided by the student, third party input (any documentation provided), observe and make a determination of eligibility for services.

If sufficient information is available, accommodations will be discussed and can be finalized either during the appointment or at a later time. The Accommodations Request Form will be completed initially with the manager. This form will need to be completed by the student in each subsequent semester when requesting accommodations. The form provides the college with a written request of the accommodation(s), courses and semester. The Disability Support Manager reviews the requests for approval. Any denials will be discussed with the student. In some instances, a student may be asked to make an appointment or contacted for clarification.

Students may request accommodations at any time. Approved accommodations are not retroactive.

Faculty will be notified of the accommodations approved by the Disability Support Manager by email before the semester begins. If the instructor disagrees with the recommended accommodation(s), they should contact the Disability Support Manager immediately. Until the dispute is resolved, they should permit the accommodations. Faculty are encouraged to collaborate with the student and DSS in devising the most appropriate accommodations allowing equal access without lessening course/program integrity. Faculty can follow the Grievance Procedure if the issue is not resolved.

Students may discontinue accommodations at any time. If discontinuing note taking, real time captioning, interpreting services or testing in DSS, students should contact DSS staff.

Contact Info

Paige George

For appointments:
636-922-8627 or 636-922-8581

Send required documentation to:

Disability Support Services
Student Center, 133C
4601 Mid Rivers Mall Dr.
Cottleville, MO 63376