This may be an approved accommodation for some students.  If requested by the student (Accommodation Request Form) and approved by the Disability Support Services (DSS) manager, the Letter(s) of Accommodation (LOAs) will be prepared for student pick up (generally within one week from receipt of the written request but may take longer dependent upon staff availability. Students are responsible for picking them up, taking them to the instructor and discussing the accommodation. If students fail to get them, they are incorporated into their DSS file at the end of the semester. The student is responsible for securing the instructor’s signature and returning to DSS. The return of the signed LOAs enables the student to schedule exams.

Taking Exams through Disability Support Services

Exams can be scheduled for the entire semester (excluding finals) per syllabi supplied by the student or a student can choose to schedule exams individually. Exams must be scheduled no less than one week (defined as seven days – includes weekends/holidays/campus closures) in advance to ensure proctor coverage and room/technology availability. Once scheduled, DSS forwards an SCC email notification to the instructor five business days ahead of the exam. The notification will provide the student name, course and date/time of the scheduled exam. Attached will be the Test Administration Form. Instructors are responsible for completing detailed information pertaining to the administration of the exam. If none is provided, the test will be administered under standard conditions – no notes, book, etc. The entire class meeting time will be used as the basis for additional time computation if specific exam time is not listed by the instructor. Time may be adjusted if the student identifies less time permitted for the class. (Note: The office attempts to schedule exams the same day as the class. Occasionally, an exam will need to be scheduled at a different time or day due to: staffing, room/technology availability, campus closure, late scheduling, delayed receipt of the exam or student’s course schedule).

Once the exam is completed, staff will scan the exam and send to the instructor’s SCC email. The paper copy will be returned via campus mail in the next mail pickup. If the student does not show up for the exam, it will be returned via campus mail to the instructor.

If a student is unable to take an exam, they must notify DSS. The student is, also, responsible for contacting the instructor. Rescheduling the missed exam is at the discretion of the instructor. DSS will not administer a missed exam without verification from the instructor.

Contact Info

Paige George

For appointments:
636-922-8627 or 636-922-8581

Send required documentation to:

Disability Support Services
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